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Shahjahnabad, the walled city walk, Old Delhi

In this present day cosmopolitan Delhi, there exists an ancient walled city which can be rightly called the soul of the city-Shahjahanabad or commonly referred to as purani dilli (old Delhi). Built by the great Mughal emperor Shahjahan, Old Delhi was once a city of imposing havelis with impressive architecture, elegant mosques with beautiful gardens and colourful bazaars each focused on selling specialized articles. The growing population and urbanization has no doubt changed the face of this once beautiful city [...]

The Secrets of CTM – Chicken Tikka Masala

The Kebab shops – dispersed in abundance across the UK- are home to the indulgent 3am McDonald’s cravings or the quick bites in between a pub hop. Of course, here you will find the traditional fish n’ chips, sprinkled with salt and drenched in vinegar; but for a long time, there has been talk of a dish more popular than any traditional English food. Hint: Pakistani-born British MP Mohammed Sarwar tabled an Early Day Motion in Britain’s parliament to grant [...]