About Us

LUXE INDIA specializes in creating bespoke luxury experiences throughout the Indian Subcontinent. Our specialty is to turn normal run-of-mill trips into memorable experiential journeys, fine tuned to clients specific preferences, in order to ensure that no expectation is left unmet.

Launched in 2006, Luxe India has had the privilege of offering its services to eminent personalities from across the world. Esteemed guests include the rich and famous, corporate honchos, film producers, actors and fashonistas.

The Itineraries are carefully planned to provide a relaxed and culturally rewarding holiday and offer the time to enjoy and relax as well as to explore. Interaction with local families, home visits, cultural shows, souvenir-hunting and insights into rural India — everything is selected to match the discerning tastes of your elite traveler.

We offer a personalized welcome kit which includes: travel documents, an itinerary and an essential hand-book on how to make their holiday a truly unforgettable experience.

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