A walk through Fort Kochi

Stepping into the streets of Fort Cochin is like traveling back in time into the 18th century! Wide tree lined roads carrying names like Princess Street and Rose Street separating the tile-roofed elegant houses from the era of the Portuguese to the Dutch to the British, huge gardens with children playing football, ancient churches and the sea side promenade with the Chinese fishing nets lined one after the other all make for an idyllic setting that takes you back in time! A place where everything is a walking distance away, where there are few cars to disturb the peace with their loud horns and where when you look up to see the sky your view is not blocked by skyscrapers. Fortunately, Fort Cochin has been marked as a heritage area so modernisation of the architecture and buildings is not permitted and that leaves it just as it was in the past, with the only difference being that some of the heritage bungalows have now been converted into charming boutique hotels.

A walking tour of Fort Kochi acquaints you with Cochin’s rich history and heritage showcasing the mixed Dutch, Portuguese, British and Jewish influences that make the city unique. You visit St. Francis Church, India’s oldest European Church; the famous Chinese fishing nets with an opportunity to operate them along with the locals; The Nehru Children Park and the beautiful houses surrounding it; Fort Immanuel-the bastion of the Portuguese; the Dutch Cemetery; Santa Cruz Basilica and the Bishop’s house Road with its beautiful old-style home. Enjoying a hot cup of coffee at local café culminating your story of Fort Cochin, is the perfect end to this heritage walk.

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