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Goa: First to Welcome the Playboy Club

“The Playboy Club is coming to India, and it’s all going to be about ‘aspiration’. Playboy Enterprises, in collaboration with PB Lifestyle, wants to target high-profile Indian customers. The first club will come up in Candolim, Goa, and will have Playboy bunnies dressed in a specially designed bunny outfit for Indian sensibilities, along with flamboyant décor and some special cocktails. “The club will open in the first quarter of 2013,” says Amar Panghal, director of finance, PB Lifestyle. “We want [...]

Where is the Treasure from Centuries Past?

It is said that when foreign explorers arrived in Mughal India, they were silenced by the abundance of treasure. What they found was an ocean of emeralds and rubies, gold and silver, and herbs and spices such as jasmine, opium, and salt. The entrance to the Amber Fort colored with precious stones and the inlay work on each marble plate of the Taj Mahal is but a miniscule example of the wealth in ancient India. It is therefore no wonder [...]

A Recipe from Spice Route Chef-De-Cuisine, Veena Arora

The globetrotting Indians have acquired a taste for salads. They prefer a wholesome meal of healthy greens, according to Arora. With a sharp increase in obesity due to modern lifestyle, salads are fast become the preferred staple diet of the urban masses. Apart from the obvious nutritional value, the fact that salads have different textures, are low in calorie content and are crunchy, make them a wholesome meal that can replace the traditional high-caloric food. Her latest salad menu revolves [...]

Maharajas’ Rendezvous with Rolls-Royce by K.R.N. Swamy

In his famous book Freedom at Midnight, French author Lapierre states that on an average each maharaja in India had 3.5 Rolls-Royce automobiles. If we were to stick to the correct number of maharajas — 225 of them those who had gun salutes fired in their honour were entitled to the title, all others were merely rajas — that would mean that from 1908 to 1939 (when World War II started), the maharajas had bought at least 788 Rolls-Royce cars. [...]

Rare & Curious Museums of India

Ever wondered about a museum dedicated entirely to the history of toilets or to the origin of black magic? See below a range of unique Museums across India! International Toilet Museum, Delhi Located in Palam, New Delhi, the toilet museum is one of its kind in India and perhaps the only one of its kind in the world. It was conceptualized and started by Mr. Bindheshwar Pathak, an international expert on sanitation. This is one of the rare and curious [...]

The Largest Team Sport IN THE WORLD – Snake Boat Race

The Snake Boat Race of Kerala that boasts of being the largest team sport in the world is a magnificent fiesta that brings alive the tranquil backwaters. Held in August every year, it is an occasion of great excitement that is a reflection of the vibrant people. Snake boats are long and slender in shape and are specially built for speed. They are controlled by 4 helmsmen, 25 singers and about 100-125 oarsmen who row in unison to the fast [...]

Das Land, Das Leben und Die Leute

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.” – Buddha There are many subtle ways in which travelling to far and unfamiliar places makes us contemplate our identity. When you get lost in the middle of Delhi, and each passerby points to a different direction home, or when you want to buy a souvenir (though more often than not, when you want to tell the vendor you [...]

A Case of Many Worlds in One Nation

Melissa Potter, the chief executive of Clarks (the largest privately owned shoe company in the world), recently stated that India, “Being the fastest growing market in the world…is a place no serious business can ignore”. This reality has led to a bizarre dual-society. On the one hand, traditions & values here date back to 3000BC with the first civilizations of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa followed by a series of empires from Greek, Portuguese, French, and Moghul to the British (to name [...]